A little thinner can greatly improve the "brushability" of the paint. Use the appropriate thinner, mineral spirits for alkyd and water for acrylic. There are also paint conditioners for each type of paint. Two of them are widely used. One is "Floetrol" for acrylic paint and the other is "Penetrol" for alkyd paint.
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Silicone oil may make pretty cells in your flow art, but it can also have nasty effects that artists need to be aware of. In particular, silicone oil repels resin (of every brand), making adhesion a problem. It can also turn your artwork yellow unexpectedly. On the other hand, silicone molds are great for working with resin because they allow for a clean cast again and again.
3 oz. Floetrol 26 oz. paint. Mix everything together in a graduated quart paint container, starting with the water, then add the Floetrol and stir about 10 seconds. Then, add 26 oz. of paint so that the total liquid equals 32 oz. Stir for about a minute.